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Search the Columbus Ohio MLS and all suburbs just like realtors do. The MLS a subsidiary of the Columbus Board of REALTORS® (CBR). The MLS has been successfully helping Columbus sell homes since 1955.

The Columbus Board of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) serves all of Franklin, Delaware, Fayette, Madison, Morrow and Union Counties and parts of Champaign, Clark, Licking, Fairfield, Knox, Logan, Marian and Pickaway Counties.



Columbus Ohio MLS additional information.

The Columbus Ohio MLS was formed to bring all real estate companies and agents together into a co-operative movement to provide up-to-date and standardized information to the real estate community and to the public. The Columbus MLS has allowed agents to bring together all Columbus Ohio Real Estate property listings into a single resource.

In the old days there was the MLS book. Each week the Columbus Board of Realtors would update and print a massive book that would be dispersed to all local real estate offices that were members of the CBR. This was a huge turning point in the local Columbus real estate market because it allowed realtors access to information on listings outside their local office. Not only did this make the task of acquiring information easier for the agent but it allowed them to become more efficient for their client. Realtors could cover more ground quickly and provide their clients with a wider range of options.

This system worked really well until the birth of the internet. In the early 1990's the Columbus MLS went online and revolutionized the way realtors search MLS listings. The original version was an old DOS format but allowed agents to search for properties based on specific criteria that met their client's exact needs. Now MLS listings could be sorted with a wide range of criteria and Columbus OH real estate was changed forever.

It wasn't too long before the MLS was updated to a web based service. This provided an entirely new way for Realtors to search for properties. Property information was presented on a wider scale. Listings could be tracked to the county web page for accurate tax information, online mapping became possible, listings could be e-mailed to clients and an entire host of new features that greatly enhanced the MLS experience. Another great feature of the internet based MLS was individual real estate companies such as Remax, HER Real Living, Coldwell Banker King Thompson, Keller Williams and Prudential could display MLS properties own their personal company websites as well a websites like, Zillow and Trulia. Buyers now have property information right at the click of a mouse.

It is important to note that all of these online resources cannot replace the original MLS put out by the Columbus Board of Realtors. The actual Columbus MLS produces real time information and only a real estate agent has access to it. Using other online home searches are a great way to get general information on properties but once a buyer is serious about buying a property it is highly recommended that they contact a real estate agent who has full access to the MLS and property listings. Columbus Ohio MLS listings are now updated in real time. If you are a buyer who has a smart agent they can create a customized search for you that will deliver real time listing information on the exact criteria you specify. The faster you get quality information the better your purchasing power will be. It is not a good idea to try and go it alone. To get started with an agent simply fill in the information above and you will be contacted by a qualified real estate agent that can help you reach your home buying goals.

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